Stretch and Relax is a gentle class that focuses on stretching the muscles to improve flexibility and range of movement.  The stretches are performed statically (no bouncing) and slowly flow from one to another to easy listening, chill out music. The class ends with a short relaxation section that includes breathing and visualisation techniques to help the muscles relax and soften, relieve stress and promote calmness.


STRETCH & RELAX is suitable for anyone of any age and at any level of fitness. It is ideal for complete beginners who are looking to improve suppleness or just a gentle introduction to group exercise. Class duration is 50-60 mins

Good for: Developing flexibility to improve range of movement and helping to loosen muscles that have become tight. Stretch and Relax is completely non-impact and is an ideal, gentle introduction to exercise. The class is also great for people who want to “switch off” from daily stresses, and the short meditation at the end of the class helps to relax and calm the body and mind.

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