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Fitness Yoga is suitable for anyone and will deliver fitness benefits whatever your level. It differs from traditional Yoga in that it is taught from a fitness perspective using the language of fitness. It is not a spiritual experience, there is no chanting or dogma, but it mimics Yoga in its breathing and style, offering postures that endorse strength, balance, stability and flexibility. Postures are prescribed from the body’s natural anatomical perspective and extreme postures that exceed optimal ranges of motion are generally avoided. FY has developed over the last two decades and is a contemporary approach to an ancient format. It takes on board modern fitness trends and research to fine tune postures that in some instances can be contra-indicated. It helps bring Yoga in line with other classes by using the same language and exercise prescription. Participants will be allowed to perform the moves under their own steam, to the best of their ability, without any pressure whatsoever …and allowing you to progress at the pace that suits you.


All Fitness Yoga classes are 50-60 mins in duration.

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